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  • Botullinum Injection for Migraines

  • Occipital Nerve Block

  • Carpal Tunnel Injection

  • Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial & Implant

  • Ultrasound-guided procedures (shoulder, greater trochanteric bursa, knee, ankle)

  • Lumbar Transformational Epidural Injection & Selective Nerve Root Block Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar Interlaminar Epidural

  • Caudal Epidural Injection

  • Lumbar Sympathetic Block

  • Ganglion Impar Block

  • Intercostal Nerve Block

  • Lumbar Facet Injection Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar Median Branch Block Cervical/Thoracic/Lumbar Rhizotomy

  • Sacroiliac Joint Injection

  • Sacroiliac Joint Rhizotomy

  • Hip Joint Injection

  • Genicular Nerve Blocks & Rhizotomy Suprascapular Nerve Block

  • Intrathecal Pump Refill & Management

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